Final Freeway for Android OS released !

It’s out of the bag..

Now available on the Android Market as well !

Click below to get a QR code

Beta phase of Final Freeway for Android almost complete

Final Freeway on a Galaxy S.. getting there !!  on TwitpicFinal Freeway for Android is currently in the final stages of beta testing.

If everything goes to plan, the game should be available for Android devices in time for the winter holidays!

Stay tuned for more updates…

Updated (!) Update 1.4 submitted to Apple

As we were waiting for Update 1.4 to be approved (8+ days), we managed to integrate Game Center in the game.
So, we pushed a new version of Update 1.4 to Apple for review today.

This means that the 1.4 is likely to take another extra week (and then some more) to be available for download. However, this makes it possible to deliver Game Center support as soon as possible, rather than having to wait until 1.5.

Have fun!

Update 1.4 submitted to Apple

We’ve submitted version 1.4 to Apple for approval. The process will hopefully only take a few days.
Update 1.4 brings iPod music support and fixes the high scores table bug that prevented courses’ high scores from persisting.

About iPhone update 1.4 and Android port

The Android port of Final Freeway is currently fully playable in our closed development builds.
We’re still working on audio and controls.

The iPhone/iPad 1.4 update of Final Freeway is almost complete. It will add iPod music playback and fix the bug with high scores table not being written.

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