iPhone 5, we are on!

iPhone 5 hit the stores today, and already sent an iPhone 5 version of Final Freeway 2R to Apple, with Fractal Combat soon to follow.

FF2R will also add Joypad compatibility. Joypad is a system that converts an iPhone or iPod Touch into a controller for a game running on an iPad. It works really great and it’s free! So, make sure to try that one out ..if you have an iPad.

Anyhow, with some luck, these updates should be out by the beginning of October.

Have fun!



2 Comments to iPhone 5, we are on!

  1. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/09/28 at 19:08

    Great job updating Final Freeway 2R for the iPhone 5. Play well and looks brilliant.

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