Waiting for FF2R approval

We submitted Final Freeway 2R for review to Apple on the 28th and we’re now waiting to go through the approval process.

We expect the game to be accepted and to go on sale by the 2nd week of March, which is soon !

I’m personally quite proud of this sequel. Though the initial plan was to reskin the original Final Freeway and add 1-2 major features, it eventually became a lot more than that.

Apart from the obvious graphic upgrade, a considerable amount of work went into tuning controls and playability. We also added proper 3D audio, and the sound tracks are all spot on.

Anyhow, it’s the players that will have to judge it.. and we’re almost there 8)

This is also a good time to remember that the game wouldn’t be the same without the financial support that we received from those individuals that believed in this project and that did support us via appbackr.


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  1. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/03/04 at 18:39

    Again, great job Davide, and to those you work with. The gameplay in your videos clearly look that extra bit better than the original, and the environments look great. Definitely replacing Outrun in my books…

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