Final Freeway 2R is out!

Our latest and hottest racing game, Final Freeway 2R is now available on the App Store !

I’m very proud of this title. The first Final Freeway was a bet. It was my goodbye to an employee’s way of life and the beginning of and independent game studio.

Final Freeway was mostly just me but with the support of some friends happy to give their spare time for free. For free, but for a cause: participating in the development of a game driven by passion.
For me it was also as a form of rebellion towards a system that pays you do deliver and sometimes pays you not to deliver, when business reasons may dictate that a project must be scrapped. And how many times has that happened..

But that’s the past. The present is that I won that first bet and I found more people willing to join me to develop more games independently.
In fact, this title wouldn’t have been the same without the art of Giuseppe Longo (aka MisBug) and the music by Simone Cicconi (UNDAtheC).

It was also instrumental to connect with investors through appbackr.
appbackr enabled us to receive some vital funds and also enabled some of our friends to fund us in a simplified manner.

In any case, I hope that you’ll like FF2R !

7 Comments to Final Freeway 2R is out!

  1. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/03/09 at 18:16

    Great work Davide, and to your colleagues as well. Seems to have the right balance in difficulty in completing all stages which is great. The Antagonist car sometimes drives through other cars while the gamer has to drive around them – hope you can fix this bug. Otherwise, the antagonist car drives around the cars.

    Might be just me, I feel the antagonist has many advantages when the gamer blocks or bumps into it, even when the gamer is in front. That car drives off into the distance if tapped from behind, whereas if it taps the gamer from behind, its still there and severely unbalances the gamer’s car. I feel the experience will be better if the gamer and antagonist’s cars are affected in the same way from collisions.

    What do you think?

    The frame rate and graphics are spectacular for a game like this e.g. the country side. Hope to see this game on the Mac as well?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/03/11 at 07:29

    Thanks for your response Davide. FF2R is a great game. Playing it now and then each day, and it addictive!

    Looking forward to your next game. The new iPad looks interesting with Retina display and Siri, which should mean the microphone will be much better than previous generation iPads, so you should actually be able to hear people when recording video now, haha.

  3. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/03/20 at 06:12

    Yeah Davide, the new iPad’s awesome! Finally got one. The great things I find are the retina display, game performance, camera, and the microphone for siri dictation. Still getting used to taking photos/videos and working on them straight away, haha!

    Got to say thanks again for Final Freeway 2R. Loving to have a quick game each day.

  4. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/04/02 at 12:48

    Supporting the new iPad’s retina will be great Davide :)

    Congratulations on the excellent review on the Touch Arcade website.

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