Update on Final Freeway 2R

All stages are now complete, we have 2 of the 3 sound tracks and we implemented an antagonist car into the game play.

Game Center integration is also complete.

So, we’re now down to a few things:

  • Add atmospheric effect on a couple of stages (snow and rain)
  • Improve the high-scores display
  • Improve the AI of other vehicles
  • 3rd sound track
  • Improve the sound effects
  • Testing and tuning

Getting there !


3 Comments to Update on Final Freeway 2R

  1. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/02/28 at 18:50

    Looks like FF 2R’s well worth the wait. Thanks so much for the effort to everyone involved.

  2. Nader's Gravatar Nader
    2012/03/02 at 17:35

    It looks great Davide! Hope Apple release FF 2R next week…

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