Final Freeway 2R ..getting closer!

First of all, a special Thanks to all those that have bet on the game so far and a big Thanks to that has made this possible.
These finances are really helping the development !

We’re working day and night to complete Final Freeway 2R, and although there is still more work to do, most of the features and most of the art are in.

Here is a quick list of major features that we planned for FF2R and that are now complete (minus some final tuning):

  • Dynamic road branches
  • Car crashes
  • Selectable characters
  • Multiple endings (depending on the chosen path)
  • New main sound track

Here’s what we plan to complete by the end of February:

  • All stages complete (currently about 80% into it)
  • Game Center integration
  • Additional gameplay elements
  • Improve sound effects
  • Additional sound tracks
  • Testing, optimization and gameplay/difficulty tuning
  • Various marketing material

Our hope is that the game will be in great shape for a March release.. so, let’s do it !

woooooooo !

Keep in touch!