Fractal Combat’s 3D Art

Here are some illustration showing the polygonal models used in Fractal Combat.
All models were created by Max Puliero, using Blender for modelling.
When it comes to technical modeling, Max is definitely the man!

The high polygon models were used for illustration purposes, while the low poly models are of course those used in the game.

From the onset, we decided that we’d keep the models’ poly count fairly low. Especially since we knew that we were going to use  a lot of geometry for the terrain and for particles and explosion effects.

On a hindsight, we could probably have used more polygons for the ships.. but we think it’s still quite good for a mobile game.. and Max really did a great job masking the lack of geometry with well thought out and detailed textures.

Enjoy !

2 Comments to Fractal Combat’s 3D Art

  1. 2011/11/20 at 10:22

    WOW! These pics looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them… definitely gonna use a couple for my iPod wallpapers. =oD

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