Fractal Combat 1.0 submitted to Apple

We just recently submitted the 1.0 of Fractal Combat to Apple !

Judging by Apple’s current average approval times, if everything goes to plan, the game should be out around the 2nd week of August.

This new game follows our general preference towards arcade action games. But it does have some simulator traits, at least aesthetically.

The in-game HUD is somewhat similar to those used in jet fighters, down to the vector-nature of the font used, and specifically made for this game.

The game offers plenty of missions and several worlds. All missions are fairly linear, and basically require to shoot down predefined targets.
It’s very much a missile-shooting fest of a game, though there is a Garage where one can sell and buy ships, weapons, Radars and generators.

As we did with Final Freeway, we’re already planning a few updates that will introduce further compatibility, game play tweaks and requests from the players.. when possible and when there is enough demand.

We really hope that you will enjoy playing the game more than we enjoyed making it, because let’s be honest.. getting the game out of the door has been quite painful, especially towards the end ;)

So, the big day is coming.. !

Thanks for your support and make sure to spread the voice around !

– Davide

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